Teaching Plans & Policies

Teaching and Learning Plan

In recent years a major focus for educational programs at Curtin has been the concept of developing learner-centred flexibility. This remains central in the new Plan, linked to the fundamentals of quality enhancement and greater consolidation. As the underpinning principles, these can not only alleviate the resource and workload difficulties that the University faces but also contribute powerfully to a learning community characterised by innovation, reflective practice and a commitment to excellence.

University Strategic Plan 2007 – 2010

The Strategic Plan for the period 2007 – 2010 provides the University with direction to meet many of the challenges ahead. A new planning framework has been introduced that better aligns planning, monitoring and quality improvement activities to track progress of the implementation of Key Strategic Priorities.

Download: 1. Teaching and Learning Enabling Plan, Bentley
2. Teaching and Learning Operational Priorities for 2011
3. Teaching and Learning Strategic Plan, CSM
4. CSM Action Plan for Teaching & Learning 2009
5. Teaching and Learning Action Plans for 2010-SoES, SoB, SoFCS, TLC, Student Council and University Life

Student Charter

This Charter states the expectations of students and staff in their interactions as members of the Curtin community. Curtin students should receive a total experience at Curtin that they can enjoy and value. Through their interactions with staff and other students, they can expect: intellectual stimulation; personal growth; a social environment; and an international network of friends and contacts.

The Charter encourages a productive partnership between students and staff to realise the University’s Vision, Mission and Goals.

Academic Policy
The teaching and learning policies and procedures of the University are developed in the context of the Vision and Mission Statement.

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