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Curtin Malaysia Teaching Innovation Project (CMTIP)

What is CMITP?

The “Curtin Malaysia Teaching Innovation Project” (CMITP) scheme is a seed fund aimed at encouraging academic staff at Curtin Malaysia to apply innovative approaches in teaching and learning. In particular, the fund intends to support academic staff to develop initiatives that increase student engagement and enhance student learning experiences at Curtin Malaysia.


Applications must comply with the guidelines and be submitted in the format specified below:

  • Application not to exceed 10 pages (including cover page and project summary).
  • 12 point Calibri font
  • A4 size
  • One single-sided original (certified by the Dean of School) plus 2 double sided copies
  • Documents stapled on top left-hand side. Do not bind.

Applications should be sent to:


Professor Dr. Tang Siew Fun
The Dean, Learning and Teaching
Office of Learning and Teaching
Curtin Malaysia

Download CMTIP Form

Curtin Malaysia Innovation Project (CMTIP) 2018
Successful Candidates

Name Project Team Members Title
Chew Ing Ming

Chew Ing Ming
M.BA., B.Eng.
Petroleum Engineering Department Email:

Dr. Wong Kiing Ing &
Ir. Dr. Wong Wei Kitt
Arduino Robotic Projects for Engineering First Year Students.
Dr. Joel Ben-Awuah

Dr. Joel Ben-Awuah
PhD, MSc, BSc
Applied Geology Department
Faculty of Engineering and Science

A/Prof. Dr. William Samuel Downey,
A/Prof. Dr. Rajat Mazumder,
Dr. M. V. Prasanna &
Mr. Henry Elochukwu Okafor
A Move Towards Interdisciplinary Industry-Driven Project-Based Learning.
Lai Zhenyue

Lai Zhenyue

MPhil, Post-grad Dip. (Edu), BSc
Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Engineering and Science

Dr. Vincent Lee Chieng Chen A Blended Learning Approach to Teach Engineering Mechanics.

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