Post-Entry Language Assessment (PELA)

What is PELA?

The PELA is a diagnostic instrument that will inform you about your preparedness to undertake written assignments at university. You will be asked to respond to a text on a science issue. Your response must be written in the form of an extended answer consisting of paragraphs. Your writing will be marked according to the following four criteria:

  • task fulfilment;
  • grammar and vocabulary;
  • organisation,coherence and cohesion; and
  • mechanical accuracy.

Your writing will be marked by English language experts and a mark out of 10 will be allocated. You must submit the PELA to be eligible to pass this unit. If you have completed the PELA previously you do not need to repeat this assessment.

Students who get a score of 5 or less must also successfully complete the Science and Engineering Literacy and Language (SELL) program before they will be able to pass this unit.  Completing the SELL program is strongly recommended for students who receive a score between 5 and 6.5 for PELA .  Details about SELL will be made available on Blackboard.

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