UniPASS is an academic support program that uses collaborative peer learning to achieve academic success, increased retention, equity targets, enriched student experience, and regulatory compliance outcomes. UniPASS is an evidenced and nationally accredited academic support program. Curtin’s UniPASS program is a student-facilitated academic enhancement program already available in selected units at the Bentley and Kalgoorlie Campuses. The program enables students to maximise grades for demanding units, strengthen study skills and connects students with like-minded students.


Attend a study session

UniPASS can help save you time and take your grades to the next level by providing you with scheduled study sessions. These sessions give you the opportunity to study, discuss concepts and test your knowledge in small groups with the help of a peer facilitator who has excelled in the subject.


Find a UniPASS session for you

If UniPASS is running in your units, you’ll be able to check the timetable of sessions on the Blackboard page for your unit. Look for the UniPASS link.


What are UniPASS study sessions?

UniPASS study sessions are a great opportunity to review and consolidate your learning in an informal group setting. You’ll be part of a small group with other students in the unit to compare notes, discuss key topics and to develop strategies for studying and learning. A senior student will be on hand as a facilitator to guide you through troublesome areas. Sessions are designed to be flexible and fun. UniPASS doesn’t replace lectures and tutorials – research has shown that UniPASS is most effective for students who also attend all lectures and tutorials. To get the most out of the sessions, bring your lecture slides, notebooks, textbooks and any other study materials you have.


Why should you attend a session?

Whether you could use some improvement, or you’re a top performer already, everyone can benefit from UniPASS. Generally, students who attend UniPASS regularly earn a higher grade than those who don’t.

  1. Improve your understanding of course content – clarify any areas you’re not sure of.
  2. Save time – UniPASS has been shown to be a more efficient method of studying than individually.
  3. Build more skills – you’ll also build your communication and teamwork skills in these group sessions.

Unipass 2018 Facilitator

No. Faculty Study Level Unit Code Unit Unit Lecturer Facilitator Campus
1 FOB Foundation Fp-056 Economics 062 Delon Chai Lee Zhehong Miri
2 FOB Foundation Fp-057 Fundamentals to Business
Mathematics 062
Michelle Phua Eric Chan Chee Cheng Miri
3 FOES Foundation FP-040 Engineering Mathematics 061 Jameson Hu Ho Yee Miri
4 FOES Foundation Fp-060 Programming in C++ 063 Kamaroizan Mohamad/
Nong Nurnie
Leong Yi Sheng Miri
5 FOES Foundation FP-050 Physics 061 Lai Zhenyue/ Natallee Faith Leong Yi Sheng Miri
6 FOB Degree ACCT1000 Introduction to Accounting Dr Dhanuskodi Arun A/L Gunasagaran & 
Osama Tahir
7 FOB Degree ISYS1000 Introduction to Business Information
A/P Yap Chin Seng Emmanuel Musadzirumha Miri
8 FOB Degree ECON1000 Introductory Economics Dr Abey Philip Yap Jia Yan Miri
9 FOES Degree ELEN1000 Electrical Systems Chew Ing Ming Chong Jia Hui Miri
10 FOES Degree MCEN1000 Engineering Mechanics Dr Vincent Lee/ Lai Zhenyue Seow Yee Xuan Miri
11 FOES Degree MATH1020 Calculus for Engineers Christine Yeo Simran Kaur Miri
12 FOES Degree MATH1019 Linear Algebra and Statistics
for Engineers
Loh Wan Ning/ Shubashini Cheonh Pricilla Yi Yun Miri
13 FOES Degree COMP1004 Engineering Programming Mr. Foad Tang Kit Sing Miri

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