UniPASS is a peer learning programme organised and coordinated by the Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT). Weekly group study sessions are run by selected trained senior students. These sessions provide a place where a trained senior student creates a non-hierarchical, non-threatening collaborative learning environment. The senior students are trained in facilitation techniques and do not re-teach content; instead they strive to enable students to become active and independent learners.

UniPASS targets units that have a history of difficulty for students and not by targeting at-risk students directly. This enables UniPASS to be inclusive and voluntary, avoiding any remedial stigma so that students at varying levels of achievement can integrate and aspire to improve.


Attend a study session

UniPASS can help save you time and take your grades to the next level by providing you with scheduled study sessions. These sessions give you the opportunity to study, discuss concepts, compare notes, develop strategies for studying and test your knowledge in small informal groups with the help of a peer facilitator who has excelled in the subject.

UniPASS doesn’t replace lectures and tutorials. Research has shown that UniPASS is most effective for students who also attend all lectures and tutorials. To get the most out of the sessions, bring your lecture slides, notebooks, textbooks and any other study materials you have.


Benefits for learners:

  • improve academic performance
  • enhance study skills
  • improve social integration
  • enrich student experience
  • build communication and teamwork skills


Find a UniPASS session for you

Curtin’s UniPASS program is available in selected units at Miri Campus. If UniPASS is running in your units, you’ll be able to check the timetable of sessions on the Blackboard page for your unit.

For enquiries about UniPASS programme, please contact Ms Annie Leong at:

tel: +60 85 44 3939 ext. 2546 or direct line +60 85 63 0046  or

email olt@curtin.edu.my

UniPASS Programme 2018

Schedule – Semester 1, 2018

Week 3 – Week 13

Date: 12.03.2018 – 25.05.2018

(Except on Tuition Free Week and Public Holiday)

No. Facilitator Contact No Email Faculty Study Level Unit Code Unit Venue Weekly Time
1 Lee TzeHong 012-5202600 700021288@student.curtin.edu.my FOB Foundation FP-056 Economics 062 Conference Room – Prinia 1, Level 2 THU Afternoon Slot:


2 Eric Chan Chee Cheng 016-851 6459 700018302@student.curtin.edu.my FOB Foundation FP-057 Fundamentals to Business Mathematics 062 LTCL 4                             FRI Afternoon Slot:


3 Hu Ho Yee 016-8759916 700017442@student.curtin.edu.my FOES Foundation FP-040 Enginering Mathematics 061 Prinia 3 – 206                     FRI Afternoon Slot                 : 3-5pm
4 Leong Yi Sheng 012-738 2861 700022630@student.curtin.edu.my FOES Foundation FP-060 Programming in C++ 063 Prinia 3 – 207                 FRI Afternoon Slot:


FP-050 Physics 061 Prinia 3 – 211        TUE Afternoon Slot:


5 Arun A/L Gunasagaran 013-4912875 700015103@student.curtin.edu.my FOB Degree ACCT1000 Introduction to Accounting LTCL 7                              FRI Afternoon Slot:


6 Osama Tahir 011-51403912 700022127@student.curtin.edu.my; osama.tahir@yahoo.com LTCL 9                             FRI Afternoon Slot:


7 Emmanuel Musadzirumha 011-31064015 700023732@student.curtin.edu.my; emusslick@gmail.com FOB Degree ISYS1000 Introduction to Business Information Systems LTCL 10                      FRI Afternoon Slot:


8 Yap Jia Yan 017-7328886 7e4b3465@student.curtin.edu.my FOB Degree ECON1000 Introductory Economics Conference Room – Prinia 1, Level 2            THU Morning Slot:

10:30am – 12:30pm    

9 Chong Jia Hui  011-10588697 700015837@student.curtin.edu.my FOES Degree COMP1004 Engineering Programming Prinia 3 – 208      FRI Afternoon Slot:


10 Seow Yee Xuan 018-9680595 700024439@student.curtin.edu.my FOES Degree MCEN1000 Engineering Mechanics Prinia 3 – 210        FRI Afternoon Slot:


11 Simran Kaur 016-7782025 700017980@student.curtin.edu.my FOES Degree MATH1020 Calculus for Engineers Conference Room – Prinia 1, Level 2 MON Morning Slot:


12 Priscilla Cheonh Yi Yun 018-9801602 700017991@student.curtin.edu.my FOES Degree MATH1019 Linear Algebra and Statistics for Engineers Conference Room – Prinia 1, Level 2 TUE Afternoon Slot:


13 Tang Kit Sing 010-9573482 700015331@student.curtin.edu.my FOES Degree ELEN1000 Electrical Systems Prinia 3 – 211        FRI Afternoon Slot:



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