Conferences Attendance Support

Learning and Teaching Conference Attendance Support

Nature and requirements for conference attendance support

  • Conference attendance support will be applicable to applicants with approved L&T or related research project in full paper papers presented in L&T related conferences.
  • Conference attendance support for an individual is limited to one international conference in two years or national/regional conference every year.
  • To be eligible for support in international conferences, evidence of publication/submission/ working on submission of paper to a journal is required.
  • Research activeness evidenced by writing/winning research proposals, delivery/participation in L&T seminars, research supervision and other contributions to research and development activities may also be required.
  • Consideration may also be given to L&T activities that are strategic to the L&T of the University.
  • A minimum service of one full semester is required at the time of application. ( only for confirmed staff)
  • Support for conference attendance is subject to the availability of funds.
  • Staff should upload their published papers and other details on eSpace database and provide the TLC with all necessary documentation.
  • Staff should submit their publication to either Teaching Performance Index or Research Performance Index.


Level of support

  • The level of support will be up to a maximum of RM 3,000 for all conferences.
  • Support will be in full up to the limits specified above. Support will cover all eligible expenses to attend conferences. Only early registration is covered. Conference dinner, tour, etc., are not covered.
  • The Faculties may support attendance in workshops and short courses organized along with the conferences as professional development activity, from the budget of the Faculties.


Withdrawal and return of approved support

  • If the staff resigns from the employment with the University before attending the conference, the approved support is withdrawn and the staff is liable for all expenditures incurred.
  • If the staff resigns from the employment with the University before the end of the semester in which he/she attended a conference on support from the university, the staff shall return the university all the support received.
  • This does not apply to the staff who do not resign, but complete their employment with the university as per the terms of agreement.

Conference Support Documents