Peer to Peer Support Programme

The Peer to Peer (P2P) programme is a Curtin University initiative that offers academic support to students experiencing difficulties trying to keep abreast of course information, lectures and assignment deadlines. Facilitators for the programme will be chosen from the brightest of Curtin’s senior students who hold credits in individual courses that students have traditionally found to be the most difficult.  These facilitators will undergo professional training prior to undertaking the task of group facilitators. These facilitators will liaise with academic staff from Learning and Teaching on on-going basis to ensure the smooth-running of the programme.  Facilitators will lead the P2P group sessions and arrange for venues and scheduled times where course materials and topics will be addressed during the sessions. Facilitators will focus on addressing and reviewing discipline course materials and getting all participants involved.

Key goals of the P2P programme:

  • Ensuring that no student who is facing difficulty with course units remains unidentified and without help
  • Participants are given sufficient academic supported to the extent that these students are relieved of undue stress that might lead to poor performance in other course areas
  • Ensuring that P2P members have a successful social and academic experience at Curtin
  • That P2P participants embrace the programme’s philosophy of helping, sharing and participating, and that these skills produce dividends as valuable life skills upon graduating from university
  • That connections and friendships are established that enhance learning and create a pleasant experience at Curtin
  • Facilitators are offered a platform to develop the valuable skills needed in the working world

The pedagogic philosophy behind the programme is a student-centred collaborative learning approach. This approach has proven in the past to be a successful approach of pedagogy in fulfilling the programme’s students’ goals and needs, with the maxim in mind: ‘The whole is greater than the sum of it parts.’ In other words, the group, through working together and sharing, will maximize the potential of individual success through contributing and sharing within the group. The personal development gained from the P2P experience will hopefully be useful to the participants’ personal lives and careers; where they can apply the learned life-skills of sharing, communicating and critical thinking.  These same skills, comprise some of the key outcome goals in Curtin’s mission statement.


Peer to Peer Support Programme
Currently all sessions are being held online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
P2P – Facilitators Name list and Schedule 2021 S2


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