Continuous Professional Seminars

Dear Colleagues,
At Curtin, we believe that our people are our key strength and in view of this, importance is placed on academic staff development and continuous learning. We are committed to providing academics with the right learning opportunities and creating a climate of knowledge enrichment, both professional and personal. These workshops and sharing sessions are aimed to complement your developmental journey as academics in
enhancing teaching engagement to deliver educational excellence. We are looking forward to seeing you at our training programmes.

Office of Learning and Teaching

Calendar of Events 2019 – University and Faculty Level

No Title Organizer Facilitator Week Date Day Time Venue
1 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Workshop FOES Prof Dato’ Ir Dr Wan Hamidon Wan Badaruzzaman Semester Break 18.01.2019 Friday 3pm-4pm SK3 204(Distributed Room)
2 2nd Batch of Flipped Classroom Coommunity of Practice (FCCoP) Sharing Session FOES Lai Zhen Yue Semester Break 25.01.2019 Friday 10am-12pm SK3 204(Collaborative Room)
3 Starting the semester FOES Dr Tang Fu Ee, ADLT FOES O-Week 22.02.2019 Friday 3pm-4pm Lecture theatre (Sk3 103)
4 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Workshop FOES Prof Ir Dr Marlinda Abdul Malek TFW 13-14/03/2019 Friday 3pm-4pm SK3-204
5 Vision for Global Positioning OLT Professor Seth Kunin
Deputy Vice Chancellor-
International, Curtin University
W4 22.03.2019 Friday 3pm-4pm SK3 102 (Lecture Theatre 1)
6 Research and Development Sharing Session (My PhD Journey) FOB Dr Fidella and Dr Jong Ling TFW5 29.03.2019 Friday 2pm-3pm LTCL 5
7 Engaging with First Year students FOES Dr John Lau, Dr Stephanie Chan, Terence Tan W7 12.04.2019 Friday 3pm-4pm SK3-103
8 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Workshop FOB Professor Beena Giridharan W7 12.04.2019 Friday 10am-11am FOB Meeting Room
9 Graduate Attributes at Curtin University OLT Professor Beena Giridharan W7 12.04.2019 Friday 3pm-4pm SK3 102 (Lecture Theatre 1)
10 The 4th Industrial Revolution: what does it mean for university students and lecturers? FOB Dr Yuningsih W7 18.04.2019 Thursday 11am-12pm FOB Meeting Room
11 On Publication FOB Dr Kenneth Ray TFW 25.04.2019 Thursday 2pm-3pm FOB Meeting Room
12 FCCoP Workshop: ShareX – Screencast tool for preparing lesson videos FOES Kamaroizan Mohamad TFW 26.04.2019 Friday 3pm-4pm Prinia 3 – 104
13 Online Learning and Blended Learning OLT Lai ZhenYue W11 10.05.2019 Friday 2pm-3pm SK3 103 (Lecture Theatre 2)
14 Best Practices for Teaching in Higher Education FOH Professor Beena Giridharan W11 10.05.2019 Friday 3pm-4pm Prinia 3 – 206
15 FCCoP workshop: Web jets – A creative desktop for ideas and collaboration FOES Loh Wan Ning W10 17.05.2019 Friday 3pm-4pm Prinia 3 – 104
16 Aboriginal Culture and Society OLT Professor Simon Forrest W18 24.06.2019 Monday 1pm-2pm SK3 102 (Lecture Theatre 1)
17 Financial Trading softwave with trainer from US FOB Trainer from US W20 10.07.2019 Wednesday 8:30am-10:30am FOB Trading Room
18 Outcome Based Education (OBE) Workshop FOH Professor Beena Giridharan W3 16.08.2019 Friday 2pm-3pm GP1 Journalism Room
19 Higher Education Academy (HEA) Consultations OLT A/Prof Craig Zimitat W5 23.08.2019 Friday 4pm-5pm Conference Room, Heron 1
20 Higher Education Academy (HEA) Workshop OLT A/Prof Craig Zimitat W5 26.08.2019 Monday 9am-11:30am Council Room, Heron 1
21 L & T Action Research – CMTIP FOB Dr Lew Tek Yew W10 01.10.2019 Tuesday 10am-11am FOB Meeting Room
22 Global Trends Impacting
Higher Education
OLT Professor Beena Giridharan W10 04.10.2019 Friday 3pm-4pm SK3 102 (Lecture Theatre 1)
23 Sharing of Teaching Pedagogy FOB Ms Lai Zhen Yue W11 11.10.2019 Friday 10am-11am FOB Meeting Room
24 The 2Es Formula FOH Dr Shamsul Kamariah W11 11.10.2019 Friday 2:15pm – 4:15pm GP3 102 DL Room
25 Festival of Learning 2019 OLT Led collaboratively by Curtin Malaysia and the Faculty of Science and Engineering W15 8.11.2019 Friday 10am-12pm SK3 204 (DL Room)


*Whilst every endeavour has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, the training schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Please check the periodic communications from OLT for latest update on the training schedule.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Annie Leong at tel: +60 85 44 3939 ext. 2546 or email:

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